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About  Team Romance

With over 60 years of combined experience in the travel, entertainment, and luxury lifestyle industry, and 20 years combined Romance Travel experience, Lisa Crawford, Founder & CEO, and her team has built extraordinary global relationships.  Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with offices in New York/New Jersey and Rio, Brazil, we are known for creating exceptional VIP experiences and ensuring that even the most unique and rare journeys will seem effortless.


"With personalized 24/7 service, and years of experience, we are committed to putting the right team in place to make your romantic event and travel experience effortless and memorable".  says, Lisa Crawford 


It's no surprise that I Do! Romance, a division of SitInMySeats VIP Tickets, Travel, and Concierge Services has become one of the most sought-after companies in the industry.  Their expertise in personalized service and hospitality is unrivaled.  Featured on NBC MIAMI today, in the Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, Bella NYC, City & Shore Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, Aventura Magazine, THINK Magazine, and Lifestyle Publications, Lisa and her team have an exceptional knack for knowing where their clients want to be and getting them there.

Here are just a few ways we can ease the process of planning your next romantic vacation:


  1. Firsthand Expertise and Knowledge - We’ve traveled the world, and we have the firsthand experiences and insider connections to prove it.

  2. Well Connected -Thanks to our worldwide partnerships, we can create that one-of-a-kind travel experience just for you.

  3. Exclusive Privileges - We can give you access to exclusive perks only available through us.

  4. We Know You - Unlike the average travel booking website, we will take the time to get to know your preferences, making sure your vacation is perfectly tailored to your needs.

  5. You Can Rest Assured - Let us expect the unexpected. As your advocate, we not only know your preferences before you go but have the know-how to anticipate your needs, solve problems while you’re traveling and be here for you on your return.

Let Team Romance help you create the perfect travel plan for you and your guests.

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