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 Many Moons of Romance


...Your dream honeymoon.  

Just the two of you waking up in your over-the-water bungalow in Tetiaroa to the sounds of gentle surf,  hand in hand while strolling along a white-sand beach; sipping champagne at sunset over a turquoise lagoon; enjoying an intimate gourmet dinner for two served on the beach with tropical charm; listening to the gentle lapping of waves from the privacy of your luxurious villa — Is this what your honeymoon dreams are made of?


There are many different reasons that different honeymoons work for different people.  Here is a list of the types of honeymoons our Romance Advisors have designed in the past.  


Our only job is to design one that is perfect for you.


A trip taken by a newly married couple after their wedding.

A traditional honeymoon is taken within a few days of your wedding ceremony and reception.  A one or two week vacation is typically booked to go to one location for the entire trip.  Most honeymooners love to visit someplace warm and exotic, but recent trends have shown that adventure and combination vacations are on the rise.


With destination weddings, multi-location honeymoons, family honeymoons, and adventure honeymoons on the rise the traditional honeymoon is no longer the norm.


Blend of your Destination Wedding & Honeymoon.

A Wedding-Moon is a perfect blend of your wedding and your honeymoon which takes place at your vacation destination.  Many of your family and friends will stay many days after your destination wedding and enjoy your honeymoon with you.  It's ideal for a couple who love to spend quality time with their loved ones and want to share their experience.


Some boutique hotels offer a complete buyout of all rooms-giving your friends and family full run of all the hotel offers. Most of all, you can expect a memorable vacation which will be talked about for years to come!


A honeymoon in which the couple is very active and enjoys challenging and heartstopping activities.

Some couples are looking for a more adventurous and fulfilling way to start off married life.  


According to Kerry Golds, of Abercrombie & Kent: "Adventure-moons are increasing at a phenomenal rate, with couples looking to tick off bucket list trips such as trekking to Machu Picchu in Peru, cycling coast to coast in New Zealand or riding a Harley-Davidson across the USA."


So, if you have a bucket list of adventures this would be a perfect opportunity to create the experience for your honeymoon.  


Click here for ideas for your Adventure-moon.


A honeymoon in which the newlywed couple bring along their children.

The familymoon has relatively boomed in the last 20 years due to the increase in re-marriages with children involved.  Many people who marry with children cannot imagine starting their new life together without their children. Familymooners emphasize that the resort has to have flexible accommodations, and a range of activities suitable for everyone and resorts have stepped up to the plate to accomodate the demands.


Some couples have even extended the invitation to include parents, siblings, extended family members and friends to join them making the honeymoon an experience to remember for everyone.


A brief honeymoon taken by a newly married couple after their wedding.

A Mini-Moon is usually a 3-7 day vacation taken after a couple marries.


The reasons for a shorter vacation varie from not being able to leave work at that time, or your wedding coincides with your favorite destination's rainy season so you honeymoon at a later time.


Whatever the reason, there are many ways to enjoy a romantic getaway to celebrate the beginning of your married life together. A Mini-moon can be just as romantic and exciting as an extended honeymoon.


Your vacation will ususally be within driving distance, or no more than a 3 hour flight, which will leave you more time to enjoy each other.  A Mini-moon may be brief, but can be just as memorable as the honeymoon that awaits you.  


A  honeymoon that is longer than a traditional honeymoon and often includes travelling to multiple destinations.

The newest trend is a Maxi-moon.  A Maxi-moon is usually a vacation lasting three or more weeks and can include many locations and modes of travel.  This is a perfect vacation for the travelers that want multiple experiences. A few examples would be visiting 3 or more cities in Europe combined with a cruise; or Island hopping in the South Pacific and then spending a week in Australia. How about going on a Safari in South Africa, then heading over to Rio de Janiero for a week before heading home.


Whatever you decide, from the relaxation of a private beach bungalo, a safari, zip-lining in Costa Rica or a tour in Rome or Paris - any combination is possible.


A honeymoon spent primarily on the water.

OK, so we made this one up...  We create so many beautiful honeymoon and destination wedding packages on cruises that we felt it deserved it's own name!  


There are many luxury cruises all over the world that can include tours to see just about anything you can dream and imagine.  River cruising is also trending right now as the ships are smaller and you are cruising on the worlds most beautiful rivers with stops at as many ports as the larger cruise ships.  


We have also booked many honeymoons on private yachts with customized itineraries.  


A relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

A baby-moon is probably the last time you will enjoy a vacation alone in a long time. The best time to travel is the second-trimester where you should be over your morning sickness and before it is unsafe to fly. (According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the safest time to travel is from 18 to 24 weeks.)


Your baby-moon should be relaxing and romantic.  You want to avoid anything too adventurous that can harm your pregnancy, and no long car rides.


This is a time to really enjoy each other. Spa retreats are the most popular and offer a very healthy and romantic experience.

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