Bonnie Balk

Event Coordinator, Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist

Dream Design Guru

Marketing, Travel Design, Research & Developement Specialist

Bonnie Balk joins I Do! Romance with over 30 years of experience in sales and clients services in the fashion industry working with major clients in New York and New Jersey before relocating to Florida in 2002. Bonnie has extensive knowledge of music, Broadway and live shows and has seen almost every major artist live over the past 30 years and is our go to girl to suggest shows for our clients. Specializing in research and development, Bonnie is the go to girl to find anything we need when it comes to unusual requests.


Bonnie's recent travels have taken her to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and St. Croix. Along with designing scumptuous travel itineraries, Bonnie has helped manage all of our social media profiles, works closely with our Marketing team and works at developing and managing our I Do! Romance by SitInMySeats website.