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 Romantic Celebrations


A Big Event in Life Deserves a Celebration.
 Milestones were made for celebrating. Whether you gather together with family and friends to commemorate a wedding or baby shower, engagement party, proposal, anniversary, or even upcoming nuptials with a memorable bachelor or bachelorette gathering, your celebration is meant to only enhance, to make that moment feel even more special than it already is.

We understand that, and we’re here to help you celebrate in grand style.


Whether celebrating graduation, milestone, anniversary, birthday and so many more occasions, many like to celebrate in style.  Whether visiting a big city, or a relaxing beach, we can customize the itinerary that's perfect for you and your guests.


Of course when it comes to celebrating your anniversary—whether you’ve been married for five years or 50—you deserve an equally unforgettable experience. It should transport you away from it all, only to bring the two of you closer together. It should honor the amazing moments you’ve shared in the past years while making new ones. Wherever and however you decide to celebrate your anniversary, with family and friends or just the two of you, you deserve a special celebration that’s tailored perfectly for you.

 Your Engagement


The engagement party is the first big celebration before your wedding.  Are you looking for a small dinner party on the beach or a luxurious weekend event? 

We offer A-list locations worldwide and exclusive experiences that will leave you with magical memories.


Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrate the continuation of your love for one another throughout the years in a memorable way.  

Let us plan your getaway to a luxurious spa retreat, a couples-only all-inclusive resort, or a

worldwide marriage encounter.

We offer the most unique and exotic travel and concierge services. 

Baby Steps

Baby Showers, Baby Moons, Gender Reveal Parties, you choose the celebration and let

Team Romance create it.

How about a Dadchelor Party? It’s all about Mom but let’s not forget about Dad, It’s elementary!

Our VIP experiences will leave you feeling excited and ready for your adventure in life.  


Spend time with your significant other.  Let us customize the perfect getaway and send you

somewhere beyond the sea.

Choose an exotic destination, adventurous vacation, cruise, or perhaps a safari.

All-inclusive resorts offer you the perfect accommodation if you want to savor the most exceptional food, cocktails and all the extras. 

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